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Khanapara Teer Result TODAY LIVE 13-7-2024

First Round 4:10 PMSecond Round 4:45 PM

Note: The results of the Teer game are typically announced twice a day, the results for the first round will be announced at 4:05 PM, with the second round following at 4:45 PM. Please ensure you visit this page promptly.

Last 5 Khanapara Teer Result List

DatesFR(First Round)SR(Second Round)

More About Khanapara Teer

NameKhanapara Teer
Authorized ByState Govt.
Ticket PriceRs. 100 – Rs. 800
Winning PrizeRs. 8000 to Rs. 11,000
Teer Result TimingFR – 4:10 PM | SR – 4:55 PM

About Khanapara Teer Results

Khanapara Teer results showing the results of an archery-based betting game known as Khanapara Teer played in the Indian state of Meghalaya The results are based on the number of arrows that hit the target in each round of the game.

Khanapara Teer is played twice a day and the results are announced in two stages: the first result is announced around 4:10 pm, followed by the second result comes around 4:45 pm The Meghalaya Amusement and Betting Tax Act regulates the game to ensure fairness and transparency. Results are publicly announced and disseminated through a variety of channels, including local newspapers, online forums, and government tear shops.

In Khanapara Teer, participants eagerly wait for the result announcement as it determines the outcome of their bet. The sport has cultural significance locally and contributes to the local economy through income generation and employment opportunities associated with the sport.

How to play Khanapara teer games?

To play Khanapara teer games, participants typically visit a designated teer counter or stall in Khanapara, Assam, where the game is predominantly played. Upon arrival, players select a set of numbers, usually between 0 and 99, and place their bets on them. The game consists of two rounds: the first round involves archers shooting arrows at a target, and the second round determines the outcome based on the number of arrows hitting the target.

The number of arrows hitting the target in each round determines the winning numbers. If a player’s chosen number matches the outcome, they win a payout based on the odds set by the organizers. Players need to be aware of the rules and regulations governing teer games in Khanapara to ensure fair play and adherence to local laws.

Common mistake about Khanapara Teer results

Luck versus Possibility

While luck certainly plays a role in tier results, it’s important to recognize what’s possible at the bottom. Making rational decisions based on statistical analysis can reduce reliance on mere luck.

Predictable Results

Despite efforts to analyze and predict teer outcomes, the game remains unpredictable due to a variety of factors including human error and environmental conditions participants must approach teer with realistic expectations.

Khanapara Teer Common Number

In Khanapara Teer, Common Numbers are important for players. These are specific digit combinations that often show up in Teer results. People believe in their predictive power because they analyze past outcomes to find patterns. Bettors use these common numbers to guide their bets, hoping to improve their chances of winning.

It’s essential to understand that Teer results are random. While common numbers may help, they don’t guarantee success. Using common numbers in Khanapara Teer betting highlights the mix of strategy, intuition, and chance in this traditional game.

Strategies for Maximizing Teer Result Predictions

Statistical Analysis: Utilize mathematical models and statistical techniques to analyze past results and identify recurring patterns.
Pattern Recognition: Pay close attention to trends and sequences in previous outcomes to anticipate future numbers.
Expert Insights: Seek guidance from experienced players or Teer experts who can offer valuable tips and strategies.
Multiple Approaches: Adopt a diverse range of prediction methods, combining intuition, statistical analysis, and expert advice for a comprehensive approach.

Importance of Accurate Teer Result Reporting

Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of Teer result reporting is crucial for maintaining trust and transparency within the gaming community. Websites like play a pivotal role in delivering real-time updates with precision and integrity, thereby enhancing the overall gaming experience for enthusiasts.


Khanapara Teer results hold significance beyond mere numbers, influencing the local economy, cultural practices, and individual livelihoods. Understanding the factors that impact Teer outcomes and promoting responsible engagement are key to sustaining this cherished tradition.


1. Is Khanapara Teer legal?

Yes, Khanapara Teer is legal. It is a traditional archery-based teer game conducted in the state of Meghalaya, India, and is regulated by the Meghalaya Amusement and Betting Tax (Amendment) Act, 1982.

What is the significance of Khanapara Teer results?

Khanapara Teer results serve as a source of entertainment and economic activity, impacting both the local community and participants.

2. Can anyone participate in Khanapara Teer?

Yes, Khanapara Teer is open to anyone interested in placing bets on the outcome of the archery-based teer game.

3. How often are Khanapara Teer results announced?

Khanapara Teer results are announced twice daily, typically in the afternoon and evening.

4. Are there any strategies to improve chances of winning in Khanapara Teer?

While luck plays a significant role, some bettors employ statistical analysis and seek expert opinions to inform their betting decisions.